Thursday, 17 May 2018

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languages for businessBaraza Blog Notes update


Students really enjoy using Kahoot as it tests their memory and is a fun way to revise. They would like to use this kind of interactive technology more.

Students would like to have more interesting topics for homework, for example to do more presentations or translations
Response: Teachers will look at homework tasks as they develop schemes of learning and ensure that they have different levels of challenge.

The use of Duolingo helps students feel like they are able to use their language in more social situations.

Students would sometimes like clearer feedback on how they could improve.
Response: Teachers have already discussed this and will be using new feedback sheets that have specific tasks that students should do to help them improve.

Image result for it and computing subjectIT and Computing

Students really enjoy working on the computers during the lesson. A majority of students feel that they get set regular homework.
Response: Students are set weekly homework from a menu with a wide variety of tasks that they can complete. There is a wide element of choice.

Some students don’t like MOOC as they find it hard to understand and some feel they don’t have a good enough computer at home.
Response: Teachers will consider this as they plan tasks. There is now access to computers during homework club and also access in the library.

Students identified that not all the computers work all the time.
Response: We have increased the amount of time the IT technicians are in school and if problems are reported they are fixed quickly.

Trips, visits and OOSHL

Students really enjoyed trips to the Houses of Parliament and Plas Dol y Moch and would like the opportunity to go again.
Response: Dol y Moch is already booked and Mr Ludgate will be looking at booking the Houses of Parliament in the new term.
A number of students thought that a visit to a theme park like Drayton Manor would be a good idea.

Response: We are looking at how this could be tied into subject areas such as Engineering and Science

Students suggested that they would like to visit a wide variety of different countries to learn more about different countries. Japan was a particularly of interest.
Response: They should attend the Japanese OOSHL so they could learn more about the culture and the language. With a high level of interest we could investigate a visit further.

Art students suggested a visit to New York to visit the galleries.

Disneyland was a popular suggestion.
Response: We are already offering a MFL trip to Paris and Disneyland this term. We shall look to book this again for next year.

Cricket club and swimming were requested for OOSHL.
Response: Cricket club begins in after the Summer Half term holiday. Mr Hudson will speak to the new PE teachers to see what they would be able to offer.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Baraza Blog update Autumn and Spring Term

Mathematics Baraza 24th November

Students really like working in groups and also enjoy paired work

Students feel that the level of challenge is right in lessons and they like the different 1* 2* and 3* questions.

Although students felt that tests were OK they didn’t enjoy doing the tests at the beginning of topics
Response: the pre-tests are important for teachers as they inform planning lessons as they show the teacher what students already know and what they don’t know. It also helps students see what progress they have made.

Sometimes in lessons the whole topic isn’t covered
Response: teachers need to check the progress of students and there are occasions where the class needs to spend more time on particular area rather than moving further forward.

Students felt that they are set too much maths homework
Response: Homework is set as per the school policy and students should expect it regularly as maths is taught more often than some other subjects. It is often short tasks set frequently

PE Baraza 15th January

Students have enjoyed playing 4 base and would like to have integrate competitions this term.
Response: We are really pleased that you have enjoyed this new activity
Action: Intergate competitions now planned for before Easter

They would like more sports activities in OOSHL
Response: More activities have been added so that there is now Girls football, Hockey, CCFC and Coventry Bears activities in OOSHL. There are also a limit to spaces in the winter so more will follow as we can use the outdoor spaces in the Spring

Students would like double lessons
Response: We will look at how possible this will be for next year

Students asked to use the PE facilities at break and lunchtime.
Response: This would need to be staffed which isn’t currently possible. This could be looked at again next year.

They have enjoyed the fixtures they have had this term and would like to have more.
Response: More fixtures are planned for after half term for both girls and boys. This included basketball for the first time.

Humanities Baraza 27th Jan

Students really like the trips offered such as Warwick Castle and the Houses of Parliament. They would like to be offered RE and Geography trips.
Response: This will be discussed at Department meetings and we will look at offering more trips next term

Some students felt that they wanted more feedback about their work
Response: Teachers will be asked to think about using a wider range of feedback including verbal feedback in lessons to give students a quicker response

Would it be possible to study some wider issues in Humanities such as marine life in Geography and Incas and Mayan history?
Response: Links could be put on FROG so that students can investigate these further.
n PSHE students would like to explore crime and law
Response: As the curriculum for the new year is planned we could include more time on these topics

In RE students asked if they could study the religions in one specific country.
Response: This is an interesting idea and will be discussed further in the Department meetings.

D&T and Art Baraza 29th January

In Art students asked to have more time in lessons to work independently
Response: Teachers will be asked to plan for this to happen so that there is more development time available

Students asked if they could listen to music in lessons
Response: Music could be played whilst students were working but headphones weren’t to be used

Food technology is really liked and students enjoy cooking

Could they do more building design and architecture in D&T?
Response: We can discuss this and see where it could fit within the curriculum

Practical activities are really popular and students are keen to use the lazer cutter and also make more items
Response: More practical activities are becoming possible now we have a technician and also equipment being added to the D&T room

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Baraza Update Autumn Term

Settling In - Year 7 
8th September
Students liked being introduced to new places and felt being given a tour by their mentor was really helpful
They felt the school didn’t feel crowded
The older students were really helpful
Going to lunch earlier was really positive as it allowed them to have more time to eat their lunches
Would like which lunch time they are on to be clearer
Action: Create posters to go up in student areas
They would like more activities to do at lunch time
Action: Tennis balls and table tennis bats and balls to be replenished.
Students really like the canteen food and enjoy the boxes of fruit and pretzels.

Settling In –Years 8&9
Year 9 like having smaller classes and are enjoying their options lessons although they are not always easy.
Students would like to go out of school to get food at lunch
Response: Not possible as there are few shops nearby
Students would like lunches to be split so they could be in year groups.
Response: This would be reviewed after half term but with three year groups splitting into two lunches this couldn’t happen every day
Although students like OOSHL they felt it should be optional rather than compulsory
Response: A questionnaire is to be completed by all students over the next few weeks.
Would like to use mentor rooms at break and lunch time
Response: Not really possible as lessons are being set up during break and during lunch times there will still be half the school in lessons.
Pupils would like more colourful planners
Action: when next year’s planners are put together student leaders should be involved in the planning.
Students asked about increasing the number of OOSHL choices
Response: Mrs Allton is now in charge of OOSHL and is looking into a wider range of activities including inviting in outside agencies.
Student Services 22nd September
Really like how helpful and supportive the Student Services staff are
Would like to have lost property in Student Services
Action: Mrs Brake to raise this as an issue at the Operations Meeting
Feedback: Ops felt there was too much lost property to keep in Student Services but felt that it should be stored in a place that was accessible to students at break and lunchtime
Students would like to be able to buy basic equipment from Student Services
Action: Mrs Campbell to investigate how feasible this is.
It would be a good idea to put up notice boards close to Student Services
Response: new notice boards are already ordered and the large TV screens can be used for notices as well
Student Leadership 29th September
They enjoyed the trip to Dol-y-Moch last year and would like to go again
Response: This is all planned and the places will be allocated to those students who show a commitment to student leadership
Students really enjoyed the Big Bang Show, the British Legion trip and preparing the food for the Film Festival
In 2016 we completed the Clean for the Queen and students would like to do this again.
Response: will look into this being part of our community service
Regular student leadership meetings are important
Action: place regular meetings into the calendar
It was suggested that year 7 students should be apprentice student leaders
Students would like to be leaders in a number of new areas including:
Engineering, Product Design, Business Studies, OOSHL leaders and eco-leaders
Response: Teachers will be asked to support these new areas of student leadership in the new year
New activities were suggested for student leadership and these included:
Teacher dance off, bake-off competition, activity week, fancy dress competition, Macmillan Coffee Morning

Catering Baraza 5th October
Favourites include the bagels and sandwiches although some students did not want salad in them
Action: some sandwiches prepared without salad
Students really like the fruit pots and the oranges are really enjoyed. They asked if they could have bananas
Action: more bananas to be ordered each week
There is a really good choice of main meals and they enjoy the roast dinners and traditional puddings like rice pudding
Although there is enough space to eat the queues are sometimes quite long
Response: the queues will speed up as the year 7 students become more familiar with the system also all the thumb prints system is being updated and this will make it faster
The break items are popular and they would like them before school
Action: Catering staff will make more available before school and monitor the sales

Marking and feedback 12th October
How does homework help students to learn?
Response: Scientifically proven that if you go over something you have learnt then it helps it stick more effectively
Like Science homework tasks as it helps you learn more about the topic being covered
It was felt that homework tasks should not just be a wordsearch and be planned to really help students learn
Some students find it hard to record homework in their planners and asked that staff gave them more time to write it in.
It was felt that there should be no more than two pieces of homework per subject per week
Response: most subjects would only set one
Homework should not be set for the following day
Action: staff are to be reminded that this should not be the case
Students want clear feedback about their work that is received closer to when work is completed
Would like to use Google Classroom rather than Frog
Response: Frog is set up with information and links about all subjects

OOSHL  (Out of School Hours Learning)
Like the new compulsory one OOSHL per week and is better than before
Would like more music OOSHL options and to be able to use the music practise rooms
Response: a new Head of Music is recently in place and is looking to expand Music choices especially once the Showcase is over
Students enjoy the PE OOSHL activities and would like more of them. They suggested Danish Long Ball. They also asked for more fixtures against other schools.
Action: Mrs Allton will speak to the PE Department about the OOSHL offer but recognises that there is a limited number of spaces that can be used in the winter months. Outside groups will also be coming in on Mondays to offer additional clubs such as CCFC and Coventry Bears.
Rewards 6th November
They like receiving vouchers as a reward but asked for a choice rather than just Amazon
Response: we can think about this but it would mean a further delay as students would have to choose
Year 9 students felt they didn’t get as many stickers as in year 7 and 8.
Action: teachers to be reminded to give out more stickers to year 9
They would like a reward trip at the end of the year for high AtL
Response: this is already being discussed for Summer 2018
Students suggested a laminated card to show that they have Trustee Status and if they received Cs then there could be crosses made on the card.
The SSCOS is really enjoyed and they asked if there could be more events like this
Response: we are looking at more venues to use for assemblies and events such as Edward’s Keep
Some more suggestions for rewards were suggested including missing lessons
Response: this would mean missing learning time and could lead to students getting behind. The Gold menu is being reviewed and students will be involved in choosing new activities
Students who get beyond World Class should get a reward
Response: we are looking at the possibility of star students from each college who could access a reward trip in the Summer Term


Baraza Blog Notes update MFL Students really enjoy using Kahoot as it tests their memory and is a fun way to revise. They would ...